This Week’s Fresh Harvest January 25-29, 2021
The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.  ~ 

This Week’s Bountiful Harvest 
Last of the Season Crimson Red, Purple Autumn Royal, or Green Autumn King Grapes – Guzman Farms
Satsuma Mandarins, Navel or Blood Oranges – Arnett Farms
First Harvest Cauliflower – Martinon Farms
Edible Skin Zutano Avocados – L&C Smith Groves
Sweet Orange Carrots – Bautista Farms
Organic Pippin Winter Squash – Itty Bitty Boxes – Robin Song Farms
Organic Futsu Winter Squash – Small Boxes – Robin Song Farms
Stella Blue or Silver Bell Kabocha Squash – Medium/Large Boxes – Robin Song Farms
Organic Red Leaf Lettuce – MG Farms
Organic Sweet Purple Onions – Rancho La Familia LLC
Organic First Harvest Spinach – Rancho La Familia, Inc
First Harvest Red Cabbage – Martinon Farms
Last of the Season Green Holiday Plums or Purple Flavor Fall Pluots – Guzman Farms
(All items subject to change based on availability)
Fruit Boxes:
Sweet “Melogold” Grapefruit, Satsuma Mandarins, Navel Oranges, Granny Smith Green Apples, Pink Lady Apples, Kiwifruit, Blood Oranges,  Seedless Crimson Red Grapes, “Star Ruby” Pink Grapefruit, Organic Meyer Lemons, Kishu Mandarins, Green “Holiday” Plums, Cara Cara Navels. (Boxes will be filled with a great assortment, not all boxes will receive every variety available)
Empty Boxes:
We’ve had quite a few of you asking about returning your empty boxes. We’d love to, but I’ve called the health department and they do not recommend we recycle them at this time.  It is our mission to keep every safe and healthy with every delivery.  Please recycle your empty boxes at this time.  We’ll update you when we’re ready to begin recycling your boxes!
Kindly,  Rachael Hill ~ SLO Veg Owner and CEO


This Week’s Fresh Fish Offering:

Monday – Friday: *Fresh Local Snapper aka Rockfish *California Wild Prawns for Subscribers That Ordered Additionally


Characteristics of Snapper or Rockfish: 

Snapper is moist and delicate, with a mild, slightly sweet taste that goes well with all kinds of additional flavors. Snapper has a nutty flavor when cooked. It is a very versatile fish and can be cooked in many different ways.
Fresh Paired Snapper & Prawn Recipes: SLO Veg Snapper Recipes Click > Here
Click Links below for SLO Veg Recipes:
Red Snapper Veracruz Style
Roast Snapper with Mandarin & Fennel Sauce
Pan Seared Snapper with Romesco SaucePinterest Snapper Recipes Click > Here
Pan Seared Snapper with Spicy Tomato and Herb Sauce, Cajun Inspired Blackened Red Snapper, Baked Red Snapper with Spicy Honey Lime Sauce…Pinterest Prawn Recipes Click > Here
10 Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp, Tandoori Prawns, Kerala Prawn Curry, Lemony Prawn and Pea Risotto and more…Fish supplied by Giovanni’s Fish Market and Grotto in Morro Bay

Prep & Store Your Produce Correctly:

Many of our local farmers pick every morning cutting out a cooling and storing process that can extend the shell life of your delicate items.
Follow our simple tips below.

Spinach – Trim ends, place in a jar add water to roots to drink. Wrap with saran around outer edges or use a baggie to cover to prevent air drying it out. Store in refrigerater.
Carrots – Rinse. Trim off greens store in a baggie to make carrot green pesto. Store carrots in a separate baggie.
Red Cabbage – Store in crisper.
Cauliflower – Place in a plastic airtight baggie in crisper.
Citrus – Store on counter top 2-3 days max or in crisper.
Apples – Store in crisper immediately so that sugar content does not break down.
Red Onions – Rinse. Trim off greens. Store in a baggie in crisper.
Plums – Store immediately in crisper to avoid sugars breaking down.
Grapes – Store in a perforated baggie in crisper.
Red Leaf Lettuce – Rinse. Store in baggie in crisper.
Avocados – Store on counter top till ripe. Refrigerate once ripe.
Winter Squash – Store in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.
Beets – Trim off greens. Rinse bulbs, greens store separately in plastic bags in crisper.
SLO Veg Referrals ~ We Love Em’! 
To celebrate each of you, we offer a referral program that benefits both you and your friends! Our sign-up system offers new subscribers an opportunity to tell us how they heard about SLO Veg upon beginning their subscription. If you tell your friends to sign up and have them mention you as their referral, we will credit your account, and your friend’s account with $10 to spend towards SLO Veg products and offerings. This could be used towards a future box purchase or it could be used to buy some of our Marketplace offerings such as coffee, fresh sourdough, infused oils and vinegars and so much more. So, get out there and talk us up! We’ve so deeply appreciated your loyalty to us in the last nine years and are looking forward to meeting your friends.
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Getting Creative with Your Food! 

This week we’re offering a variety of different squash in your harvest boxes, the squash type varies depending on the size of the box and we thought we ought to give you the low down on flavor profiles, preparation tips, and paired recipes.

Our itty-bitty boxes will be featuring pippin squash which is of the winter squash family. Pippin is a small yet mighty type of acorn squash that is moderately sweet and said to be five times more flavorful than its acorn counterpart.

Small boxes will be receiving Futsu Winter Squash. This squash certainly tastes a lot sweeter than it looks. When raw, futsu squash bear a sweet, slightly nutty taste. When cooked, they take on a taste comparable to roasted chestnuts and have a very smooth, creamy texture about them.

Medium and large boxes will receive either a Silver Bell, or Stella Blue Kabocha Squash. Both Silver Bell and Kabocha squash are in the winter family. Silver bells are a Hershey kiss shaped beauty that has a higher sugar content than watermelon! It also has a much dryer flesh than most squash which makes it perfect for mashing either as a side, or as a puree. Kabocha squash tastes almost like a cross between a sweet potato and a pumpkin. It has a rich, indulgent edible texture and is packed full of iron and vitamin C.

All of these squash varieties are coming to you from Robin Song Farms. Squash is such a versatile food, it can be roasted and eaten on its own, or pureed and added to soups, breads, pastas and even sauces.

If you’re feeling excited and inspired by these squash varieties, check out these recipes!

Squash Gnocchi
Calls for butternut you can supplement with any squash varieties we’re offing this week

Kabocha Squash Pizza Sauce with Fresh Herbs
Reasons to LOVE this kabocha squash pizza sauce is because it is SO creamy, naturally sweet & savory, filled with vitamins and minerals.

Acorn Squash Bread with Seeds and Nuts
This squash bread has everything you could want in one little loaf. I packed in tons of seeds and nuts, mashed acorn squash and even a bit of shredded beet.

Pumpkin Curry Udon
Comforting and full of flavor for any night of the week

Garam Masala Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup
Simple and easy recipe to include unsweetened almond milk

Tips for Roasting Winter Squash



Dear Friends and SLO Veg Families,

We look forward to seeing you all this week and thank you for supporting SLO Veg and our local farmers in our endeavor to sustain our local farmlands, food sources, with the best locally grown produce and market items delivered to you.  We LOVE being your best resource for bringing fresh food to your tables.  We wish everyone a wonderful week!   Kindly,  Rachael Hill SLO Veg Owner and dedicated SLO Veg Farmers and Team Members