Rachael & Bart

Rachael Hill – Co-Founder / CEO

Bartimaeus Alan – Operations / Sales

About Us

SLO Veg is a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  and grocery delivery service located here on the Central Coast. We deliver optimally fresh food that’s healthier for our bodies, better for our community, and better for our planet. All of our food is grown and sourced locally, harvested daily, and delivered to your doorstep. We often say “knowing your farmer is the key to knowing your food” which is why everything that we offer can be traced directly back to the farm it came from, the hands that tended it, and the methods used to grow it. Our farmers and partners share the same commitment in cultivating sustainable practices that aid in restoring our region’s ecological and environmental health. These efforts have a dual impact of bettering the Earth while sustaining the culture and legacy of agriculture on the Central Coast for future generations. SLO Veg offers an exceptional service that not only makes us excited about finishing our vegetables, but inspires us to make a conscious decision about our food and where it comes from.