SLO Veg would like to thank all of our Farmers and Partners

For their dedication to tending the soil and helping SLO Veg in its endeavor

Kacey and Bryan Owners of Kacey Cakes
Kacey and Bryan Owners of Kacey CakesSan Luis Obispo, CA
Joesph and Isabela Gerardis Joebella Coffee Roasters
Joesph and Isabela Gerardis Joebella Coffee RoastersAtascadero, CA
Alan Hayashi and Family
Alan Hayashi and FamilyOceano, CA
Javier Martinon - Martinon Farms
Javier Martinon - Martinon FarmsSan Luis Obispo, CA
Julia and Javier - Julia's Juices
Julia and Javier - Julia's JuicesSan Luis Obispo, CA
Jason and Julia - Bautista Farms
Jason and Julia - Bautista FarmsArroyo Grande, CA
Javier - Red Barn Farms
Javier - Red Barn FarmsSan Luis Obispo, CA
Roberto - Le Fort's Organic Crop
Roberto - Le Fort's Organic CropCreston, CA
Courtney - Farmermaid Flowers
Courtney - Farmermaid FlowersMorro Bay, CA
Karen - Johnson Farms
Karen - Johnson FarmsArroyo Grande, CA
Frank Martinon - MG Farms
Frank Martinon - MG FarmsSan Luis Obispo, CA
Omar - Rancho La Familia
Omar - Rancho La Familia Santa Maria, CA
Amber - L & C Smith Groves
Amber - L & C Smith GrovesFresno, CA
Chicho - Rocking Chair Ranch
Chicho - Rocking Chair RanchFresno, CA
Jerry - TKP Organic Farm
Jerry - TKP Organic FarmSanta Maria, CA
Kara - Bloom Microgreens
Kara - Bloom Microgreens Los Osos, CA
Trina - Templeton Valley Farms
Trina - Templeton Valley FarmsTempleton, CA
Maren and Scott Ritterbuck - Wind Dance Farms
Maren and Scott Ritterbuck - Wind Dance FarmsAvila, CA
Nelson and Christine
Nelson and Christine Wild Bread Co - Arroyo Grande, CA
Andy - Surfside Farms
Andy - Surfside FarmsMorro Bay, CA
Pamela Thoring
Pamela ThoringPerky Powders Pioneer CEO - Pismo Beach, CA
Seth and Zina Engel
Seth and Zina Engel Loo Loo Farms - Paso Robles
Lisen Bonnier - Vintage Organics
Lisen Bonnier - Vintage OrganicsLos Osos, CA
Ruth Maddox
Ruth Maddox Branch Mill Organic Farm - Huasna Valley, CA
Matt - Green Gold Organics
Matt - Green Gold OrganicsArroyo Grande, CA
Raskephas - Encino Grande Ranch
Raskephas - Encino Grande RanchCayucos, CA
Amanda - Paleoliscious Bread Co
Amanda - Paleoliscious Bread CoPaso Robles, CA
Andrea and Meaghan Owners - Quick Pickle Kit
Andrea and Meaghan Owners - Quick Pickle Kit Los Osos, CA
Brandon Sanders - Robin Song Farms
Brandon Sanders - Robin Song FarmsTempleton, CA
Larry - Kandarian Farms
Larry - Kandarian FarmsLos Osos, CA

Community Sustainability is more than just an idea, it is a way of life!