Kohlrabi 101


Kohlrabi 101 This week, we are featuring Kohlrabi in your harvest boxes! For those who don’t know what Kohlrabi is…don’t worry, I was once in your shoes, left to my own devices on how to interpret, prepare, and serve this bad boy. Though I like [...]

Kohlrabi 1012021-09-27T15:11:55-07:00

Sustainability Tips (Nearly) Post-Pandemic


With all the evolving knowledge of COVID-19 that’s been circulating in the past weeks, there’s no denying that we, in fact, have not reached a post-pandemic world quite yet. Here at SLO Veg, we feel a huge sense of responsibility in being environmental stewards within [...]

Sustainability Tips (Nearly) Post-Pandemic2021-08-16T10:44:00-07:00

Blackberries 101


Blackberries 101 It’s officially blackberry season here at SLO Veg and we could not be more excited to incorporate these antioxidant-packed babes into our summer set list. Meredith from our team shares her sweet childhood memories as well as her absolute favorite recipes for blackberries [...]

Blackberries 1012021-06-21T14:34:11-07:00