This Week’s Fresh Harvest January 18-22, 2020

Food does not simply charge a persons batteries, it shapes their lives. What greater thing can you do for someone than feed them?  If you love someone, give them food that nourishes their body and soul, food that is grown responsibly, and food that benefits the world.  Sarah Holm ~ Organic Valley Generation Organic Farmer


Fresh To You!

French Breakfast Red/White Radishes – Babe Farms Specialties
Organic Rainbow Chard (med/large boxes) – MG Farms
First Harvest Organic Broccoli Crowns – MG Farms
Purple Carrots – Babe Farms
First of the Season ~ Kiwifruit – Mallard Lake Ranch
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce – MG Farms
Fennel Bulb with Fronds – Babe Farms
Satsuma Mandarins or Blood Oranges – Guzman Farms
Sunflower Microgreens – Gracious Greens
Organic Meyer Lemons – Encino Grande Ranch
Organic Sweet Purple Onions – Rancho La Familia LLC
Organic Brussels Sprouts – Rancho La Familia, Inc
First Harvest Red Beets – Bautista Farms
Pink Lady, Granny Smith Apples, or Green Holiday Plums (sm/med/lrg boxes) – Arnett Farms
(All items subject to change based on availability)

Fruit Boxes:

Sweet “Melogold” Grapefruit, Satsuma Mandarins, Navel Oranges, Granny Smith Green Apples, Pink Lady Apples, Kiwifruit, Blood Oranges,  Seedless Crimson Red Grapes, “Star Ruby” Pink Grapefruit, Organic Meyer Lemons, Kishu Mandarins, Green “Holiday” Plums, Cara Cara Navels
(Boxes will be filled with a great assortment, not all boxes will receive every variety available)

Empty Boxes:

We’ve had quite a few of you asking about returning your empty boxes. We’d love to, but I’ve called the health department and they do not recommend we recycle them at this time.  It is our mission to keep every safe and healthy with every delivery.  Please recycle your empty boxes at this time.  We’ll update you when we’re ready to begin recycling your boxes!


Delicious Paired Recipes:

Braised Fennel with Crispy Leeks and Chile-Fennel Oil Served Over Hummus
Blood Orange Chocolate Olive Oil Cake
Simple Kiwi Salsa
Green Pea Patty with Roasted Radish and Lemony Hummus Bowl
Stir-Fried Swiss Chard & Red Peppers
Sweet Beet Chickpea Chili
Blood Orange Salmon Fillet with Ginger Garlic Stir-Fry
Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Peanut Miso Dipping Sauce
Caramelized Fennel Bulbs with Goat Cheese
Click > Here To View Our SLO Veg Recipe Pages For More Inspiration


This Week’s Fresh Fish Offering

*Fresh Local Swordfish
*Opah Fillets for subscribers who have previously requested no swordfish.
*California Wild Prawns for Subscribers That Ordered Additionally
Swordfish is one of the meatiest fish you will find; cut into “steaks,” making it ideal for grilling and skewering, as well as other cooking methods that don’t fare well with more delicate fish varieties. The mildly sweet flavor is perfect for the addition of marinades and sauces, and the cooked fish results in a moist, somewhat meat-like texture. The Spruce Eats
Fresh Paired Swordfish, Opah and Prawn Recipes:
Pinterest Swordfish Recipes Click > Here
Pan-Roasted Swordfish with Cherry Tomatoes & Capers, Cilantro-Lime Grilled,
Ginger-Garlic Pan Seared, Sicilian Swordfish and more…
Pinterest Opah Recipes Click > Here
Grilled Opah with Mango & Avocado Salsa, Pan Roasted Opah with Saffron, Island Rainbow Opah Wraps and more…
Pinterest Prawn Recipes Click > Here
Grilled Garlic Butter Prawns, Tandoori Prawns, Lemony Prawn and Pea Risotto and more…
Fish supplied by Giovanni’s Fish Market and Grotto in Morro Bay


Prep & Store Your Produce Correctly: 
Many of our small local farmers pick every morning cutting out a cooling process that extends the shell life of your delicate items. Follow our simple tips below to extend your produce shelf life.

Rainbow Chard – Rinse. Store in a plastic baggie in crisper.
Broccoli – Rinse. Place in a cold water bath with ice for 15 minutes then store in a baggie in crisper.
Citrus – Store on counter top 2-3 days max or in crisper.
Apples – Store in crisper immediately so that sugar content does not break down.
Red Onions – Rinse. Trim off greens. Store in a baggie in crisper.

Plums – Store immediately in crisper to avoid sugars breaking down.
Green Leaf Lettuce – Rinse. Store in baggie in crisper.
Radishes – Trim off greens. Rinse bulbs, store greens separately in plastic bags in crisper.
Beets – Trim off greens. Rinse bulbs, greens store separately in plastic bags in crisper.


SLO Veg Referrals ~ We Love Em’! 

To celebrate each of you, we offer a referral program that benefits both you and your friends! Our sign-up system offers new subscribers an opportunity to tell us how they heard about SLO Veg upon beginning their subscription. If you tell your friends to sign up and have them mention you as their referral, we will credit your account, and your friend’s account with $10 to spend towards SLO Veg products and offerings. This could be used towards a future box purchase or it could be used to buy some of our Marketplace offerings such as coffee, fresh sourdough, infused oils and vinegars and so much more. So, get out there and talk us up! We’ve so deeply appreciated your loyalty to us in the last nine years and are looking forward to meeting your friends.
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