Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a ‘Will Call’ account if I don’t want regular deliveries?2021-07-12T13:21:30-07:00

If you would like a box but are uninterested in receiving regular deliveries, you can set up an account and place a hold on it after receiving your delivery. We’ll keep your account active and when you’re ready for your next box you can email or call us to set it up. 

What if I don’t like/or can’t eat something offered in the box?2021-07-12T13:20:16-07:00

We’re always happy to offer customization options to meet our subscribers dietary preferences. If you have an allergy or would prefer not to receive certain items that we offer, reach out to us via phone or email and we’ll make a note to not add these items in your delivery. You can also let us know which items you like and would prefer to substitute instead.

What is your pricing?2021-09-09T13:18:48-07:00