Frequently Asked Questions

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We look forward to sharing our local farmers fresh harvested items with you!

Every Monday:  We send out our weekly SLO Veg newsletter. It will include the current week’s offering, great recipes, along with updates we may currently have. Email is our best way for communicating with you. Please read our emails to stay up to date with what’s going on here at SLO Veg. During the holidays we may have a special delivery schedule. We love offering “Flash Sales” of items we may have on hand extra at discounted prices. View our website for recipes. All of the recipes we share are simple and easy to make. The veggie tips offered in our emails are great for extending the shelf life of your fruits and veggies.


Social Media: Like our SLO Veg Facebook page to receive additional recipes, cooking tips, and the following week’s harvest offering.  We update our FB page weekly on Friday’s for the following week and Monday’s for the current week. Follow us on Instagram to view the current week’s harvest box on Monday’s weekly.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/SLOVegHarvestDelivery/

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/sloveg/


Box Return: We would like for you to please hold on to your empty box and set out for exchange on your future delivery day as we reuse them. Please feel free to carefully unfold the box from the bottom to save space in your home each delivery. If you are picking up your box at a pick up site, please return your empty box to the box return crate.


Account Management:  Your account will be set up with recurring payments with our credit card merchant. Your debit/cc will be billed one day prior to your delivery day.


Vacation / Account Holds:  When you are ready to place a hold on your account please sign into your account to place your hold. Select your hold date, press save. Bi-Weekly Subscriber Scheduled Delivery Holds: If you would like to return the following week instead of waiting two weeks later, please select 1st & 3rd week, or 2nd & 4th week (depending on which schedule you’re currently on) to switch your delivery week. You will want to delete the current schedule then add (+share) select schedule, save transaction to switch your frequency. Your next delivery date will update upon saving the transaction. You and SLO Veg will receive an email confirmation. Our policy ensures we have the opportunity to adjust our orders with our wonderful farmers.


Vacation Hold & Marketplace Schedules / Cut Off Times:

Monday Holds – Place hold by Wednesday prior 2:00 pm cut off

Tuesday Holds – Place hold by Thursday prior 2:00 pm cut off

Wednesday Hold – Place by Friday prior 2:00 pm cut off

Thursday Hold – Place by Monday prior 2:00 pm cut off

Friday Hold – Place by Tuesday prior 2:00 pm cut off


Updating Payment Information:   Please log in to your account to update your account or call us directly @ 805-704-8230.

SLO Veg “Market” Harvest Additions: View & Shop our Marketplace in your account. Additions must be ordered 3 days prior to receive on your next delivery.


Fresh Flower Bouquets: Flowers to return in March 2019. FarmerMaid Flower Bouquets are designed to look great in a mason jar. Flowers vary throughout the season. Available March – November. Delivered with your harvest box, wrapped in brown paper and a temporary water reservoir.


Quick Pickle Kit: Safe, quick, simple, natural way to make pickles & pickled veggies that are ready to enjoy in just 3 days. Pickles made with the Quick Pickle Kit are healthy, low-sodium, low-calorie, crunchy & satiating snack. Additional refill 3-pack seasoning packets ( Bread & Butter, Dill, Sweet).


Organic Honey:  “Rock Front Ranch” Cuyama Valley: Pure and Raw Native Wildflower and Black and Purple Sage Honey


Fresh Fish: We are partnered with Giovanni’s Fish Market and Grotto in Morro Bay.  We offer 8oz & 16 oz portions. Order as few or as many as you desire. We receive fresh fish twice a week and it’s filleted morning of pick up.  On your delivery day please set out a small cooler with an ice pack on your delivery day to keep your fish fresh until you are able to take care of it. If you are picking up at a pick up spot, please bring an ice pack with cooler to keep your fish cold until you’re ready to store it.


Organic Olive Oils: “Wind Dance Farms” Avila Beach: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Paleo Items:  “Paleoliscious Bread Company” Paso Robles: Coconut Bacon, Cookie Mix, Pancake Mix, and Bread Mix


Organic Balsamic & Vinegar’s: “Chaparral Gardens” Atascadero: Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar, Mission Fig Balsamic, Pear Ginger & Wasabi Balsamic, Star Anise & Vanilla Bean Balsamic, Champagne Mimosa Fruit Vinegar, Fuzzy Navel Peach Fruit Vinegar, Head Ancho Fruit Vinegar, Raspberry Basil Fruit Vinegar, 4 pack mixed variety balsamic/fruit vinegar’s.


SLO Veg Signature Coffee Blends: “Joebella Coffee Roasters” Atascadero: 1 lbs bags Blonde, Medium, Dark and Decaf


Organic Ancient Seeds & Grains:  “Kandarian Organic Farm” Los Osos: Nude Oats, Red Lentils, French Green Lentils, Brown Lentils – Legume, Cranberry Beans, Ayocote Negro Beans


Gifting: You can gift a single or multiple fresh harvest box(es) to your friends. WeR