Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a ‘Will Call’ account if I don’t want regular deliveries?2021-07-12T13:21:30-07:00

If you would like a box but are uninterested in receiving regular deliveries, you can set up an account and place a hold on it after receiving your delivery. We’ll keep your account active and when you’re ready for your next box you can email or call us to set it up. 

What if I don’t like/or can’t eat something offered in the box?2021-07-12T13:20:16-07:00

We’re always happy to offer customization options to meet our subscribers dietary preferences. If you have an allergy or would prefer not to receive certain items that we offer, reach out to us via phone or email and we’ll make a note to not add these items in your delivery. You can also let us know which items you like and would prefer to substitute instead.

What is your pricing?2021-09-09T13:18:48-07:00

Our current pricing for both Fruit and Harvest Boxes:

Itty Bitty: $36

Small: $41

Medium: $46

Large: $51

If you would like to add additional items to your order such as fish, bread, seasonings, etc., check out our marketplace! These items are individually priced and will be added to your order total at checkout.

What size box should I purchase?2021-07-12T13:17:14-07:00

We offer Itty Bitty, Small, Medium, and Large sizes for both our Fruit and Harvest boxes. 

Our itty bitty size generally contains 8-11 items in it each week in smaller quantities while our small, medium, and large sizes contain 10-14 items each week in varied weights and quantities. 

When deciding which size box to purchase, we advise that you consider how many people you’re intending to serve, and the quantity of produce you typically add to your meals. 

Here’s our breakdown of how many people each fruit/harvest box size suits: 

Itty Bitty: 1-2 people 

Small: 2-4 people 

Medium: 3-5 people

Large: 4-7 people.  

*These are not one-size-fits-all determinations of how much each box will provide. You can always change your box size or your delivery frequency if you are unsatisfied with the quantity of food you’re receiving.  

How do I change my pickup location?2021-07-12T13:14:12-07:00

To change your pickup location, reach out to us via phone or email and we’ll help you set up this change. If you reached out to us through email, make sure you receive email confirmation of your new pickup site.

I receive monthly deliveries, when can I expect my delivery?2021-07-09T12:20:25-07:00

Monthly subscriptions are delivered within the first full week of the month. Your box will be sent on your selected delivery day within that week.

What’s the difference between a Fruit Box and a Harvest Box?2021-07-16T18:48:18-07:00

Our fruit boxes consist solely of a variety of seasonal fruits while our harvest boxes contain both fruit and vegetable offerings. You can also choose for your harvest box to only contain vegetables if you prefer that as opposed to a mix. There are generally two to four types of fruit offered in each harvest box while the rest is composed of veggies.

Our harvest boxes are the most popular, and some of our subscribers prefer to purchase both a fruit and harvest box each week. Both are great for different reasons, if you’re someone that wants fresh produce around but doesn’t necessarily have the time or will to prep and cook food often, fruit boxes are a great option.

How can I change my delivery day?2021-07-09T12:15:17-07:00

Please call or email us to switch your delivery day. Make sure that you receive confirmation from us that this change has been made.

How do I change my delivery frequency?2021-07-09T12:13:25-07:00

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly frequencies to receive a box and/or marketplace items. If you are wanting to change your current schedule to a different frequency, go into your personal SLO Veg account and adjust your preferences accordingly.

If you are receiving a delivery on a bi-weekly basis and would like to change the weeks that you are receiving a box, for example, if you’re getting a delivery during the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month and would like to switch to the 2nd and 4th weeks, go into your account and delete the schedule that you are currently on, then update by selecting (+share) select your preferred schedule and press save. Once your transaction is saved your next delivery day will be posted. Make sure you get a confirmation email stating that your changes have been processed.

How do I change my box size?2021-07-09T12:11:33-07:00

To change your box size, Click on the “My Account” button at the top right corner of our website home page. Be sure to make any changes before 2:00 pm, 3 business days prior to your delivery. After 2:00 pm the system will lock you out and you will not be able to make any changes.

I moved, how do I update my new address?2021-07-09T12:09:38-07:00

To update your address, reach out to us via phone or email and let us know what your new address is along with any other delivery notes that will help our drivers get your produce to the right place. We’ll follow up with confirmation that your new information is updated and saved.

What can I do with my Empty Boxes?2021-07-06T10:12:13-07:00

We are devoted to recycling in accordance with you sustainability initiative. If you have empty boxes, we’d love to take them off your hands to reuse them! Just set your unfolded box(es) out on your doorstep or preferred delivery location and we’ll pick them up when dropping off your box. If you get your box through a pick-up location, please return old boxes to the “box return” crate. You can also stop by our warehouse to drop off old boxes if convenient.


How do I update my payment information?2021-07-05T21:59:34-07:00

From the Member’s area (log in):

Step 1: Click “Manage Payments” from the upper right corner of the member’s area

Click SLO Veg Manage Payments