Happy Monday Everyone! We hope you enjoy all the yummy items our farmers have harvested to share with you!

Fresh Asian Inspired Harvest March 9-13, 2020

Salad Mix Microgreens – Gracious Greens
Bok Choy – Hayashi Farms
Organic Mandarin Tangerines – Encino Grande Ranch
Tangy Tangelos – L&C Smith Groves
Organic Meyer Lemons – Encino Grande Ranch
Cilantro Bundle – Bautista Farms
Star Ruby Grapefruit – L&C Smith Groves
Organic Cauliflower – Rancho La Familia
Sweet Organic Orange Carrots – TKP Farms
First Harvest Red Leaf Lettuce – MG Farms
First Harvest Curly Kale – MG Farms
First Harvest Organic Spring Onions – TKP Farms
Brussels Sprouts (medium/large boxes only) –  MG Farms
(All items subject to change based on availability)

Be sure to use our storage tips to extend the shelf life of your fruits & veggies!

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This Week’s Fresh Fish Selection:

Monday Fish: Rockfish
Rockfish are a lean fish and have a mild, sweet flavor with a nutty accent. The medium-firm fish is mild tasting with a flakey texture, making it ideal for a range of cooking techniques and flavoring options; it can be simply poached or spiced up and fried.

Tuesday – Friday Fish: Swordfish or Black Cod
(Black Cod for our subscribers who’ve requested no swordfish)

Swordfish is a mild-tasting, white-fleshed fish with a meaty texture. It is sold exclusively in steaks. Its mild taste makes it a particularly good choice for those who are unsure if they like fish.

Fresh & Delicious Recipes:

Lemon Glazed Swordfish or Tuna Skewers
Grilled Swordfish Verde

Blackened Rockfish with Avocado Fish Sauce
Panfried Rockfish with Rosemary Mushroom Sauce and Brocolini
Miso Glazed Black Cod on Baby Bok Choy and Shiitake Mushrooms
Fish Supplied by Giovanni’s Fish Market & Grotto in Morro Bay


Fruits & Veggies Storage Tips:

Refrigerate all items as soon as possible
All items will remain fresh when following these tips!

Kale – Rinse. Store in roomy bowl lined with slightly damp kitchen towels. Cover and place in fridge.
Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit – Store in crisper.
Lettuce – Rinse. Place in roomy bowl, lined and topped with damp towels, cover and place in fridge.
Carrots – Remove greens, store separately in produce bag with slightly damp paper towel, store in crisper.

Onions – Store turnips in bowl of cold water, cover and store in fridge. Or place in produce bag and store in crisper.
Cauliflower- Store in airtight produce bag, place in crisper.
Bok Choy – Rinse. Store in a produce bag in crisper. 
Carrots – Remove greens, store carrots in produce bag with slightly damp paper towel, store in crisper. Or place in jar of cold water, place in fridge.
Cilantro – Trim stems, place in jar of cold water, cover leaves with produce bag, place in fridge.