Pomegranates are an intriguing little fruit, aren’t they? They’re pretty and exciting but not a lot of us know much about ’em, what to do with them, or even how to enjoy those tasty, vibrant seeds. In fact, it wasn’t until last year on a trip to Nepal that I learned I could actually eat those seeds! I’ve just been chewing them and spitting them out this whole time. What a waste… So we thought we’d provide a little info for you all to encourage even more excitement about this beautiful and nutritious fruit!


Fun Facts

  1. Pomegranates are considered native to Iran and surrounding countries, but it’s also commonly cultivated in the warmer parts of the Americas. Hence the central coast!
  2. Ever wondered where they get their odd name? Well, it happens to translate directly to “apple with many seeds” from Old French and Medieval Latin. Makes sense, huh?
  3. So what are they even good for? Why should I go through the trouble of digging out all those delicious seeds when there are so many other delicious fruits to choose from? Well they’re in this week’s harvest for one! But also, they happen to be sooo good for you! Among other things they’ve got tons of fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. They also have HUGE amounts of antioxidants–studies show THREE times more than the amount of red wine and green tea! They can also help promote a healthy response to inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections, and to high cholesterol. The list goes on and on. You should just eat them.
  4. Oh and also they’re not even that hard to get into. Wanna know the best way to open pomegranates up? Simply start by giving them a little massage like you would with an orange before juicing. Then cut it in half horizontally. And once cut, place the half in the palm of your hand (seed side down) and spank the skin of the pomegranate hard with a wooden spoon and watch the seeds fall freely! Then repeat with the other half. Probably best to do this over a bowl, btw. Also, don’t wear white.
  5. Once you get into those juicy little seeds sprinkle them on to everything! They pair well with roasted brussel sprouts, salads, grilled fish, Sangria, sweet potatoes, and so much more! Get creative! Or keep it simple. Honestly one of my favorite things to do with em’ is just throw them in a bowl with some berries and grapes and eat it like its cereal.


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