Fresh Healthy Farmers Harvests April 13-17, 2020
First Harvest Sugar Snap Peas – Bautista Farms
Tangy Tangelos or Sweet Cara Cara Navels – L&C Smith Groves
First Harvest Celery – MG Farms
First Harvest Brussels Sprouts – MG Farms
Red Russian or Dino Kale – Martinon Farms
Sweet Strawberries – Rancho La Familia
First Harvest Cauliflower – MG Farms
First Harvest Romaine Lettuce – Martinon Farms
Leek Bundles – Martinon Farms
Sunflower Microgreens – Gracious Greens
Organic Meyer Lemons – Encino Grande Ranch
Sweet Melogold Grapefruit – L&C Smith Groves
(All items subject to change based on availability)
Be sure to use our storage tips to extend the shelf life of your fruits & veggies!
Please recycle your empty box at this time. 


Fruits & Veggies Storage Tips: Refrigerate all items as soon as possible. All items will remain fresh when following these tips!

Cauliflower – Wrap tightly with saran or baggie store in crisper
Romaine – Rinse. Store in roomy bowl lined with slightly damp paper towels. Cover and place in fridge.
Brussels – Store in a baggie in crisper.
Sugar Snap Peas – Store in a baggie in crisper.
Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit – Store on counter top 2-3 days or in crisper.
Celery – Rinse. Wrap tightly with aluminum foil and store in crisper.

Strawberries – Refrigerate immediately. Do not rinse till ready to eat.

Kale – Rinse. Store in a sealed produce bag in crisper.

Leeks – Rinse. Cut off Greens. Store in baggie in crisper.
Microgreens – Store in a dark location or in a paper sack in refrigerator. Light sensitive.

We wish everyone a healthy, happy week!  We look forward to seeing you on your next delivery day.  Kind regards,  Your dedicated SLO Veg Team