~ Happiness is a SLO Veg Harvest ~
First Harvest Mandarin, Limequats, Kumquats – L&C Smith Groves
First Harvest Sweet  Broccoli Crowns – MG Farms
Organic Cauliflower – Rancho La Familia
First Harvest Red Russian Kale – Martinon Farms
First Harvest Red Beets – Bautista Farms
First Harvest Green Cabbage – Martinon Farms
Organic Fennel – Rancho La Familia
First Harvest Romaine Lettuce – MG Farms
Purple Rambo Radish, Radish Mix, or Sunny Pea Microgreens – Gracious Greens
First Harvest Baby Spinach – Red Barn Farms
Sweet Melogold or Star Ruby Grapefruit – L&C Smith Groves
Tangy Tangelos or Sweet Cara Cara Oranges – L&C Smith Groves

(All items subject to change based on availability)

Be sure to use our storage tips to extend the shelf life of your fruits & veggies!
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Fresh Harvest Recipes
Roasted Beet Crostini
Veggie Sushi Rolls with Microgreens
Red Lentil Dal with Kale and Coconut Milk
Sauteed Kale with Spicy Garlic Oil
Roasted Broccoli and Brussels with Tofu and Creamy Miso Dressing
Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Strawberry Beet Smoothie


This Week’s Fresh Fish Selection:

Monday Fish:
Sushi Grade Tombo Tuna
Tuesday – Friday Fish:
Sushi Grade Tombo Tuna or Black Cod

Fresh & Delicious Recipes:

Fish Supplied by Giovanni’s Fish Market & Grotto in Morro Bay

Fruits & Veggies Storage Tips:

Refrigerate all items as soon as possible
All items will remain fresh when following these tips!

Kale – Rinse. Store in roomy bowl lined with slightly damp kitchen towels. Cover and place in fridge.
Oranges – Store in crisper.
Lettuce – Rinse. Place in roomy bowl, lined and topped with damp towels, cover and place in fridge.
Kumquats – Store in crisper.
Cauliflower – Place in produce bag, store in crisper.
Grapefruit – Store in crisper.
Fennel – Trim fronds 2-3 inches above bulb. Store bulb in produce bag, place in crisper. Store fronds separately and use to garnish dishes.
Beets – Remove beets greens. Store beets in bowl of cold water, cover and store in fridge. Or place in produce bag and store in crisper.
Broccoli – Place stems in shallow bowl of cold water, cover florets with produce bag, place in fridge. Or mist broccoli, wrap in damp paper towels, place in crisper.
Cabbage – Store in produce bag, place in fridge.
Microgreens – Keep in clam shell, store in fridge.
Spinach – Mist leaves, then store in roomy bowl lined with paper towels, cover, place in fridge.