Farm Fresh Nourishing Harvest Box October 12-16, 2020

First Harvest “Coffee Cake” Persimmons or “Fall Harvest” Pluots – Guzman Farms
French Carrots – Babe Farms
Organic “Asian or Bartlett” Pears – Guzman Farms
Wild Arugula – Babe Farms
“Blue Lake” Green Beans – Casas Farms
Purple Ninja Radishes – Babe Farms
Organic Haas Avocado – Wind Dance Farm
Golden Beets – Babe Farms
First Harvest Organic Broccoli Crowns – MG Farms
First Harvest Green Cabbage – MG Farms
Vine Ripe Round or Roma Tomatoes – Martinon Farms
Organic Fuji or Granny Smith Apples – Arnett Orchard
Heirloom Thelma Sanders “Edible Skin” Sweet Potato Squash (sm/med/lrg boxes) – Robin Song Farms

(All items subject to change based on availability)

Coffee Cake Asian Persimmons – Are Like Now Other
Coffee Cake Persimmon, Nishimura Wase persimmon trees are not as well known as the common Fuyu persimmons, but the fruit is quite different with its deliciousc coffee cake flavor that is juicy and spicy like cinnamon and sweet, but not too sweet. Coffeecake persimmons have a richly flavored spicy-sweet chocolate colored flesh. Coffeecake persimmons are non-astringent and can be eaten while still firm.
Do NOT refrigerate. Store on counter top.


Savory & Sweet Paired Harvest Recipes

Thelma Sanders Acorn Stuffed Squash with Barley, Nuts and Cranberries
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pears and Red Onions
Roasted Squash Arugula Salad
Loaded Broccoli, Cheese and Potato Soup
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Grilled Broccoli and Arugula Salad
Cinnamon Persimmon Baked Brie
Persimmon Pomegranate Fuji Apple Fruit Salad
Crunchy Veg Bowl with Warm Peanut Sauce
Moroccan Carrot Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing

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This Week’s Fish Offering:

 Monday – Friday: Fresh Local Black Cod Fillets
Black Cod is a gourmet fish with a rich, buttery flavor and delicate velvety texture. It boasts white and fatty meat. It has a fair bit of moisture, and a mild taste.  The texture and taste of black cod works well with strong, even potent flavors such as miso, onion and citrus.

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Fish supplied by Giovanni’s Fish Market and Grotto in Morro Bay


These Storage Tips Work! Refrigerate all items as soon as possible. All items will remain fresh longer when following these tips!

Arugula – Store in baggie in crisper.
Plums – Store in crisper.
Pears – We suggest refrigerate immediately to slow ripening.
Green Beans – Store in a baggie in crisper.
Beets – Rinse. Trim off greens store separately in a baggie in crisper.
Cabbage – Store in crisper.
Carrots – Rinse. Trim off greens store separately in a baggie in crisper.
Persimmons – Store on counter top – Do not refrigerate Coffee Cake persimmons.
Tomatoes – Store on counter top ~ Refrigerate to slow ripening.
Radish – Rinse. Trim off greens store separately in baggies in crisper.
Don’t waste your carrot, beet, or radish greens!
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