Blackberry Quick Bread


Making fresh, homemade bread doesn't have to be a long, difficult, drawn out process. This recipe is simple, quick, and easy. Throw in some raspberries and blackberries and you've got a delicious treat! Recipe from: Jennifer Coduto from Taste of Home INGREDIENTS 1-1/2 cups all-purpose [...]

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Kabocha Gnocchi


What a delightful take on the traditional gnocchi dish. This recipe uses kabocha squash in place of potatoes and buckwheat flour (make sure to use raw buckwheat to avoid brown color!) in place of regular flour. The squash gives the gnocchi a wonderful hint of [...]

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Fresh this Week


Fresh Picked Just For You Sept 9-13, 2019 Wasabi Fire Microgreens - Gracious Greens Organic Black Beauty Eggplant - Templeton Valley Farms Yellow Nectarines - Rocking Chair Ranch Corn on the Cob - Hayashi Farms Shanghai Baby Bok Choy - Hayashi Farms Pickling Cucumbers - [...]

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Simple Baba Ganoush


A lot of people who don't like eggplant, don't like it for it's soft and squishy texture. If you're one of those people this simple baba ganoush recipe is for you! This flavorful, hummus-like spread is perfect for sandwiches and dipping your veggies in and [...]

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Quinoa Stuffed Eggplant


You won't regret trying out this Mediterranean stuffed eggplant recipe! It's such a simple, flavor-packed one -- and the best thing about it? There's not a single unhealthy ingredient in it! All veggies, spices, and plant-based ingredients. Recipe by: Simply Quinoa INGREDIENTS 1 eggplant 2 tablespoons olive oil divided [...]

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Fresh This Week!


Farm Fresh To You Sept 3-6, 2019 Organic Peacots (Apricot/Peach Blend) - Loo Loo Farms Organic Spaghetti Squash - Surfside Farms Vine Ripe Sweet Strawberries - Hayashi Farms Organic Valencia Oranges - Encino Grande Ranch Sweet Orange Carrots - Bautista Farms First Harvest Golden Beets [...]

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