Loving Our SLO Veg Life! Fresh For You This Week’s Harvest Aug 31 – Sept 4, 2020

“August Red” Nectarines or “Summer Flame 43” Peaches – Rocking Chair Ranch
First Harvest Sweet “Sungold” Cherry Tomatoes – Bautista Farms
Organic First Harvest Romaine Lettuce – MG Farms
First Harvest Romaine Lettuce- MG Farms
Organic “Blue Lake” Green Beans – MG Farms
Large Red Beets – Babe Farms
“Black Kat” Black Plums or “Crimson” Red Grapes – Rocking Chair Ranch
Green Bell Peppers – Martinon Farms
Bok Choy Microgreens (sm/med/lrg boxes) – Gracious Greens
Organic “Gold Bar” Yellow Summer Squash – Rancho La Familia
Fuchsia Pink Cincinnati Radish – Babe Farms
Slicing Cucumbers (med/large/itty boxes) – MG Farms
This Week Only – Organic Baby American “Seckel” Sugar Pears – Vintage Organics
(All items subject to change based on availability)

“Here at SLO Veg We Strive For Excellence & Will Always Go The Extra Mile”
We guarantee all of our farmers harvests. If for any reason you receive an item you’re not completely happy with, please send us an email. Your feedback is invaluable and appreciated. We want you to enjoy every item you receive. Thank you for being our valued subscribers, we love your support and serving you!
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Fresh Paired Recipes
Romaine Tomato Avocado Salad with Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing
Roast Beef Sandwiches with Radishes and Spicy Wasabi
Roasted Spiced Radishes
Strawberry Beet Smoothie
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pears and Red Onions
Beetroot Red Velvet Cupcakes
Penne Pasta with Bell Peppers
Cucumber & Cherry Tomato Salad
Massaged Kale Salad
Vanilla Yogurt Panna Cotta with Balsamic Thyme Roasted Peaches & Nectarines

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Fresh and Delicious Fish This Week!

Monday Lingcod or Swordfish Fillets
Lingcod is a lean white fleshed fish with a mild flavor profile, medium-firm texture and large flakes. The raw flesh may have a blue-green shimmer which cooks up white.

Tuesday – Friday: Fresh Swordfish Fillets
Swordfish has a subtle sweet flavor, and the meat remains consistently moist even after cooking. Due to its meaty characteristic, Swordfish is most ideal for either broiling or grilling.

Delicious Paired Recipes:
Giovanni’s Fish Market Grilled Swordfish Verde
The Verde on the succulent Swordfish comes from the cilantro and chili marinade and a silky avocado mayonnaise.
Grilled Swordfish Kabobs with Citrus Herb Salsa
Giovanni’s Fish Market Herb Crusted Lingcod Recipe
Greek Style Baked Cod with Lemon & Garlic

Fish supplied by Giovanni’s Fish Market and Grotto in Morro Bay


Imperfectly Perfect Produce “Food with Thought” by Charley Bottino – Our SLO Veg Foodie Writer

One of the coolest things about getting fruit and veggies directly from the farm is the unique un-uniform growth, shapes, and patterns that occur. Sometimes you might get a tomato with tri-coloration, or a nectarine that has  hardened scarring resembling the quartering of a crescent moon which is where it may have rested on a tree branch, or even a conjoined twin squash that looks like a butterfly. This is proof that your produce has not been processed through a packing plant where any such produce would be culled. The taste and nutrition is of course wonderful while making it a fun addition to any meal. Nature is apt to perfect imperfection.

Another residual result of food grown on pesticide free farms is the bugs enjoy the fresh crops. There are practices that help deter some of the unwanted feasting, but inevitably, some might be hidden in the yield making it off the field to your kitchen. If this is the case for anything in your SLO Veg box, don’t fret, if it is an issue we will replace it. When critters are chomping on it, that means it’s really healthy produce that’s good enough to nurture nature.


Store It Fresh Tips: Refrigerate all items as soon as possible.All items will remain fresh longer when following these tips!

Grapes – Store in a perforated bag, not sealed, need to breath in crisper. Keep refrigerated, storing on counter will break down quickly
Pears – You may store on counter top to ripen, otherwise refrigerate immediately. slow ripening.
Cucumber – Wrap in Saran Wrap store in crisper.
Bell Peppers – Like Moisture. Store in a baggie or loose in crisper.
Kale – Rinse. Store in a baggie in crisper.
Stone Fruit – Place directly in to crisper to prevent ripening.
Cherry Tomatoes – Store on counter top ~ Refrigerate to slow ripening.
Beets – Trim off greens store separately. Store both in a baggie in crisper.
Radish – Trim off greens. Rinse. Store separately in baggies in crisper.
Romaine Lettuce – Rinse. Store in a baggie in crisper.
Summer Squash- Store unwashed in crisper.


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