Fresh this Week!


~ Happiness is a SLO Veg Harvest ~ First Harvest Mandarin, Limequats, Kumquats - L&C Smith Groves First Harvest Sweet  Broccoli Crowns - MG Farms Organic Cauliflower - Rancho La Familia First Harvest Red Russian Kale - Martinon Farms First Harvest Red Beets - Bautista Farms First [...]

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Fresh this Week!


~ Happiness is a fresh President Day Harvest ~ Kiwi Fruit - Mallard Lake Ranch Organic "Covington" Sweet Potatoes - Robin Song Farms Organic Meyer Lemons - Encino Grande Ranch Sweet Orange Carrots - Bautista Farms First Harvest Leeks - Martinon Farms Organic Fennel - Rancho [...]

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Fresh this Week!


~ Happy Valentines Day ~ Be Mine Harvest February 10-14, 2020 First Harvest Organic Parsnips - TKP Farm Pink Carrots - Babe Farms First Harvest Sweet Savoy Cabbage - TKP Farm Purple Ninja Radish - Babe Farms Organic Broccoli Crowns - Rancho La Familia First Harvest [...]

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Fresh this Week!


Hello and happy Monday SLO Veg Foodies!  This week's harvest is full of healthy, lovingly grown fruits & veggies.  We hope you love em' all!  Fresh Harvest January 27-31, 2020 Organic French Breakfast Radish - TKP Farms Organic Cauliflower - Rancho La Familia Organic Celery [...]

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Fresh This Week!


Wowzers ~ Look at that Harvest! Jan 13-17, 2020 Chioggia "Candy Cane" Striped Beets (Med/Lrg Boxes Only) - Babe Farms Butternut Squash - Hayashi Farms Red & Gold Beet Bunches - Red Barn Farms Organic "California White" Garlic - Four Elements Organics Edible Skin Zutano [...]

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Fresh this Week!


Healthy Sustainable Harvest Jan 6-10, 2020 Enjoy This Week's Beautiful Harvest! Organic Fuji Apples - Cuyama Orchards Purple Baby Carrots (Med/Lrg Box Only) - Babe Farms Sweet Spinach - Bautista Farms Parsley Bundle - Bautista Farms First Harvest Organic Mandarins - Encino Grande Ranch Organic Fennel - [...]

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