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Currently serving San Luis Obispo, Avila,
Shell Beach, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach
Oceano, Nipomo, Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cayucos,
Atascadero, and Paso Robles

If you are interested in Weekly or Bi-weekly deliveries of fresh picked produce grown by our local farmers, Sign Up today to receive a fresh harvest box delivered to your door. Your choice to use our SLO Veg service will guarantee that you are eating the freshest fruits and vegetables our local farmers harvest.
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  • Itty Bitty / $26 Serves 1 person
  • Small / $29 Serves 1-2 people
  • Medium / $35 Serves 2-4 people
  • Large / $41 Serves 3-5 people

SLO Veg Philosophy / Mission

As the economics worldwide continue to be in a state of uncertain flux, there is a ground swell movement across the country called Community Sustainability. What does it mean?

Community Sustainability is more than just an idea, it's a way to live, learn, protect, enhance and replenish those things immediately around us. It is a way of life! SLO Veg was born out of this need for local sustainability. By serving as the direct link between the areas local farmer and you the consumer, several critical sustainable actions occur simultaneously.

  • Nearly 3 times as much money is re-circulated within SLO County, which translates into healthier businesses, increased employment opportunities and economic growth for this community.
  • Produce is just plain healthier. "Supermarket" produce travels an average of 1500 miles from the farm to your dinner table and who knows how long it's been since it was picked from the farm where it was grown? Our farmers are from Goleta to Coalinga. Nothing is more than 48 hours removed from the supplying farm.
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint. By buying local, you reduce the need to truck commodities into SLO County.
  • Traceability. You don't have to go to far back to remember the peanut butter, spinach and tomato issues to realize the importance of traceability and accountability.
Throw in the convenience factor of knowing you are getting the best local produce available, showing up at your doorstep either weekly or bi-weekly and there doesn't seem to us here at SLO Veg, any reason NOT to use us!! Try us out. There are no contracts or minimum participation requirements. Just say "Yes" to your community and help sustain its health. Thank you!

Contact Us

Rachael Hill
SLO Veg Proprietor

Kyrstin Giddens
Accounts Manager

Bartimaeus Burke
Operations Manager

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